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Virtual: Property Conference 2023

August 1, 2023 | Videos

Watch New Square Chambers’ annual Property Conference.

There are several talks and a panel discussion on topical proprietary issues involved in property development. Please see more details in the programme outlined below.

Date: Tuesday 18 July 2023

Time: 2.00pm-5:00pm

Venue: Online


  • 2.00 PM – Introduction: George Laurence KC, Chair;

  • 2.05 PM – Possession orders, injunctions and development site protection: Paul Wilmshurst;

    Paul Wilmshurst will give a practical talk on possession orders, injunctions, and development site protection. He will discuss recent case law, legislative updates, and effective approaches to address trespassers, and unauthorised encampments. This talk aims to enhance your understanding of the legal complexities surrounding these issues and provide you with the tools to better represent your clients’ development projects.

  • 2:25 PM – Regency Villas and recreational easements: the developer’s nightmare: Raj Sahonte;

    Raj Sahonte will discuss recreational easements, and their potential to ruin development projects. Delve into the landmark case of Regency Villas v. Diamond Resorts, which decided whether the grant of rights to use sporting and recreational facilities could amount to an easement. Raj will expertly examine the case’s implications on property rights and development while offering practical strategies to navigate these complexities.

  • 2.45 PM – Development: valuations and contracts: Amy Berry;

    Delegates can listen to Amy discuss topical valuations and contracts in development. You will leave understanding strategic points on options, overages, promotion agreements, conditional contracts, valuers and surveyors, and thinking about when an expert is not an expert.

  • 3.05 PM Break;

  • 3.25 PM – Ending tenancies under the LTA 1954 on the ground of development: Stuart Armstrong;

  • 3.45 PM – Case study to involve Charities selling land for development and proprietary estoppel: Guy AdamsWilliam HopkinMillie Rai;

    Delegates get a chance, aided by our panel, to tackle a challenging problem case. The fictitious scenario will get you thinking about the latest issues and authorities in respect of proprietary estoppel and land sold for development by charities. It is entitled: “Promising one thing and messing up another”.

    When delegates have untangled how the principles in Guest v Guest [2022] UKSC 27 may apply to the facts, there is then the issue of whether non-compliance with the Charities Act 2011 would render the sale void, voidable or something else!

  • 4.45 PM – Questions; and closing remarks by the Chair;

  • 5.00 PM – CLOSE

Practice areas: Property


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