Webinar: The Right to Manage (Part 2)

March 28, 2023

The Right to Manage (Part 2): What happens post-acquisition and particular problems that an arise in practice

Join us for the next webinar in the New Square programme: The Right to Manage (Part 2): What happens post-acquisition and particular problems that an arise in practice  on Tuesday 21 March, 11AM.

​In this second webinar on RTM, Stuart Armstrong and Millie Rai look at what happens once a RTM company successfully acquires the right to manage premises pursuant to the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002. They consider some of the thorny issues and which occur.

Register now to secure your place. We hope you can join us.


Topics and particular issues which will be addressed in the webinar include:

  • What sums must a landlord hand over to the RTM company? In particular:
    • What are accrued uncommitted service charges?
    • What happens in relation to unpaid service charges?
    • How can a RTM company obtain unpaid service charges?
    • Can a landlord use reserves to discharge any shortfall due to arrears prior to handover?
  • The landlord’s liability to pay a shortfall in service charges under s.103
  • Calculation of a landlord’s voting rights in the RTM company
  • Enforcement of covenants
  • Approvals under leases
  • The effect on Contracts with third parties
  • What happens when a landlord refuses to acknowledge acquisition of management by the RTM company. In particular, how can a RTM company address:
    • Failure to provide information under s.93;
    • Failure to hand over money under s.94;
    • Attempts to continue managing the premises and demand service charges.




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