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What a nuisance! Recent developments in the law and the concept of a “right to privacy”

December 4, 2023 | Videos

Practice Area: Property

Speaker: John Campbell; James Saunders

The last two years have twice seen the Supreme Court exercised by the law of nuisance. This seminar looks at recent developments in the law and asks whether they represent evolution or revolution. The panellists will also discuss whether and to what extent the law recognises a right to privacy in the modern age.

The webinar will cover:

  • A recap of the decisions in Fearn v Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery [2023] UKSC 4 and Jalla v Shell [2023] UKSC 16
  • Analysis of how these decisions reflect or reshape the existing law
  • The theoretical limits of the law of nuisance
  • Whether English law recognises a “right to privacy”
  • A look into what the future holds
Practice areas: Property



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