Webinar: Agency, Attribution and Aggregation

May 18, 2023, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

This talk will cover three areas of recent and continuing development applicable across a range of fields of litigation.

What are the boundaries of agency, how is authority established and the consequences when authority is absent?
How can these limits be deployed in claim/defence strategies?
When will the acts or knowledge of directors and agents be attributed to their principal/company and what are the consequences?
Can the acts or knowledge of multiple factors be aggregated together?



  • Forms of authority
  • Proving agency – eg parol evidence and contracts
  • Undisclosed principals
  • The fundamentals of agency:
    • Affecting relations
    • Indemnity
    • Accountability
    • Ministerial receipt
  • Directors as agents, authority
  • Inherent limitations to authority and dealings with third parties


  • Bases for attributing knowledge
  • Attributing acts to the company
  • Director personal liability for acts during office
  • Non-attribution eg fraud and illegality


  • Knowing receipt/dishonest assistance
  • Quincecare




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