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Ayre v Reuters News & Media Inc Case Note

February 13, 2024 | Cases, News
Ayre v Reuters News & Media Inc Case Note

This article, authored by Simon Adamyk, examines the recent decision in Ayre v Reuters News & Media Inc in the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal, highlighting the crucial need to serve the authorisation code for the Electronic Litigation Portal (ELP) simultaneously with the claim form. The ELP Rules require the service of this code in order for the service to be valid. Failing to do so renders the service invalid, as discussed in previous cases and confirmed in Ayre. The article explores the ramifications of this rule on the validity of service in the context of service out of the jurisdiction, and also the status of the claim form if the rule is not complied with. It also provides context on the ELP Rules and the transition towards electronic case management in the Eastern Caribbean.

See too Simon’s recent talk as the inaugural feature in our new ‘Offshore Insights’ webinar series: The new Eastern Caribbean Civil Procedure Rules – general reforms and electronic litigation – all change or business as usual? 

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