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A Dangerous Time – Charity, The State & Big Business

July 26, 2023 | Videos

Mary Synge’s new book, The University-Charity: Challenging Perceptions in Higher Education, is the most important new charity law book for years. In this lively and thought-provoking webinar, Will Hopkin discusses with Mary some of the key themes from the book:

  • incoherence, complexity and confusion in charity law, including in respect of executive remuneration, public benefit, and governance;

  • the threats posed by the state to charity and its independence, including by state-created ‘charities’, and the classification and regulation of ‘exempt charities’; and

  • the impact of business, whether through advances from private equity or the adoption of big-business behaviours.

Despite the focus on universities, the many challenging issues raised are ones which should concern the charity sector as a whole. Mary breaks new ground with clarity and verve.


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